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Sicad Group - The adhesive tape experience

The Sicad group was a pioneer in the development of adhesive tapes in Europe with its brand Eurocel®. Since its foundation in 1972, the Group has grown to be a market leader worldwide in the manufacture of a wide range of adhesive tapes.

The core business of the Sicad Group is products for industry on polypropylene, PVC, polyethylene, paper, cloth, aluminium and foam backings using a range of adhesives such as rubber, acrylic and silicon.

Today Sicad Group (Sicad SpA has its headquarters in Uboldo, Italy) has over 700 employees (worldwide) and 5 subsidiaries (with manufacturing and sales departments) located in Italy, France, Croatia, South Africa and Brazil.

The Sicad Group use the most varied and advanced technologies for coating and slitting. Sicad Group’s aim is to share its “Adhesive tape experience”.

Sicad S.p.A - Uboldo (VA) Italie

Sicad S.p.A. – Uboldo (VA), Italy

BST S.p.A - Caserta - Italie

BST S.p.A. – Caserta, Italy

Sipro D.o.o - Umago - Croatie

Sipro D.o.o. – Umago, Croatia

Sicad Group - France - Lomme

Sicad France SAS – Lomme, France

Sicad do Brasil LTDA - Capivari - Brésil

Sicad do Brasil LTDA – Capivari, Brazil

Sicad S.A. PTY - Johannesburg - Afrique du Sud

Sicad S.A. PTY – Johannesburg, South Africa

SICAD Group product families:

› Carton sealing & packaging

› Masking tapes

› Double sided tapes

› Surface protection

› Isolation tapes

› Stationery

› Repulpable tapes

› Sterilization tapes

› Technical tapes

SICAD Group main markets:

Industries | Groupe SICAD


› Manufacturing industries
› Transport & logistics
› Construction industry
› White industry
› Wood & furnishings
› Papermakers
› Industrial supplies

Distribution Professionnelle | Groupe SICADDistribution Professionnelle | Groupe SICAD

Professional distribution

› Construction industry
› Decoration
› Stationery
› Body shops

Distribution grand public | Groupe SICAD

General use distribution

› Stationary stores
› Do-it-yourself
› Large retailers

SICAD Group’s quality commitments:

› Customer satisfaction
› Committed for quality and continual improvement of the products and production process
› Actions on work environment, health and security of the Sicad Group members
› Contribute to respect for the environment
Sicad S.p.A. is ISO 9001:2008 certified